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Official preliminary pageant to
USA National Miss Scholarship Pageant

Ages 4 - 6       Jr Princess 
Ages 7 - 9       Princess    
Ages 10 - 12   Preteen 
Ages 13 - 15   Jr Teen  
Ages 16 - 19   Teen      
Ages 20 - 25   Miss     
X 2
UNM's philosophy and commitment to personal growth as well as offering ample scholarship opportunities, state queens are invited back to compete at Nationals the following year!  This provides an additional opportunity to compete for the national titles and obtain more scholarships.
  • All delegates must be a natural born female and compete as such, never married and never been pregnant or had a child.

  • All delegates must reside in the United States and be a US citizen.

  • All delegates may have never posed nude in any form of media.

  • All delegates must be between the ages of 4-25 as of June 1 during the national pageant year.


Our slogan, Positively Empowered, aims to help young women be:

1. Purposely Bold- they are not afraid to go after their dreams

2. Courageously Just- they will stand up for what is right

3. Freely Herself- they fully embrace, love and accept themselves


USA National Miss (UNM) is an award winning national pageant organization that exists to enrich the lives of young women through an unsurpassed pageant experience that leaves them inspired and positively empowered and  helps them gain confidence and life skills to embrace their full leadership potential. Mentoring young women to reach their goals and unleash their full potential, UNM is changing the lives of young women all across America. Awarding a prize package over $150,000.00 per national winner each year, we also equip young women with extraordinary experiences that create opportunities for success and growth. We offer one of the highest quality pageant programs in the country, and are consistently recognized as an industry leader. Under the leadership of a four-time award winning national director, Jackie B. Watson and Kayla W. Trubey, USA National Miss has become one of the largest and most prestigious national pageant systems in the country.


Part girls empowerment and part pageant, we believe we have a responsibility to immerse our delegates with positive messages and encouraging motivation, to empower them to become today's leaders.  With that in mind, we have created our own UNM UniverseTM which consists of not only the national pageant, but other national programs that leaves young women empowered, motivated, encouraged, inspired and equipped to reach their full potential.

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